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Leckler's Inc.

What We Stand For

How has Leckler's stayed in business and succeeded decade after decade despite the changing business landscape where you can get a lawn mower delivered to your door? The answer is very simple. We put customer service #1, never settle with just going through the motions, and treat people the way we want to be treated. That is crucial because with the advent of technology, the personal touch in business has been lost. We have certainly iterated with the times, technologically speaking, but we have never forgotten the root of what makes us, and will continue to make us, successful. That is our customers and their desire to be treated with dignity, respect, and good old fashioned hospitality.

This is more than just fancy language for a page on a website. We live this out daily in our business and in our lives. It is demonstrated in the consistent theme of the many Google Reviews we have received attesting to that fact over the past few years. The theme is that we do whatever we can to help our customers out and we provide them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision on their lawn equipment. There are no high speed, high pressure sales tactics employed here. We simply look you in the eye and are willing to answer any questions you have while trying to meet your needs. 

Once you give us a try, we are confident you will return because here at Leckler's we are more than just a store that sells lawn equipment. We sell an experience.


We sell and service John Deere, Husqvarna, and Stihl lawn equipment, and our Sales, Parts, and Service departments are here to meet your every need, so give us a call, or stop in and check us out. We know you will be impressed.


Our family, and team, understands lawn equipment through and through, and knows how to help get you what you need.Louis Leckler Jr. started Leckler's on April 11th, 1949 in LaSalle, MI and the first item sold in the store was coal, which benefited the community greatly at the time. Being entrepreneurial, he also began vegetable farming after coming back from World War II, and sold it right where the store is currently located. It was in 1964 that Louis began selling John Deere lawn and garden tractors followed by Stihl chainsaws in 1974.

Pat and Mel Leckler worked tirelessly in this business as it was transitioned from the 1st to the 2nd generation, which just so happens to be the most difficult transition period in family business, but they succeeded. The Leckler's have continued the family tradition of working in the business, and Adam and Shelby Leckler, Pat and Mel's children, have worked in the business at one time or another since they were teenagers.

From selling coal in the beginning to today's focus on all things outdoor residential, commercial, and governmental, we have come a long way as a business and we are very proud of that fact.